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Lanberg is one of the leaders in manufacturers of 19" rack cabinets and accessory. Acquired experience and expertise allow us to provide for customers with modern, reliable, market-ready solutions to help effectively operation and management of a network segment.

Our extensive portfolio includes structured cabling, including patchcords and LAN cables; LAN tool case such as testers, locators and cable pair identifiers, stripping tool, crossover cables, wall mounting sockets, and network plugs. Lanberg also specializes in the distribution of power cables, also in USB, VGA, DVI, HDMI, Jack, Euro, Displayport, ATA, SATA and adapters.

Through extensive experience and close cooperation with factories, Lanberg brand constantly expands its product range by implementing new, our solutions and dedicated for application solutions. The manufacturer is open to consultation, advising, selection, implementation and final delivery of the equipment to customer specifications.

What can customers expect on Lanberg devices?? High quality, safety, advising and comprehensive technical support. Lanberg products repeatedly have proven themselves well in the datacenter, surveillance and access systems, television networks, but also in all types of office, corporate or private server rooms.