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Yes. Each cabinet in the "Product Features" tab features the "Working Depth" feature, which tells what maximum working distance you can mount of rack hardware in Lanberg cabinets. The manufacturer does not guarantee (in spite of actual conditions) the possibility of installing equipment with a greater depth than the declared value. All values are expressed in millimeters.

Yes. Each of the new Lanberg wall mount cabinets has 4 wheel mounting holes.

All Lanberg cabinets are easy-to-assembling. Thanks to that, all its separated components are packed in a flat pack/s, which makes logistics and transport easier.

Depending on the cabinet type and size, the number of cartons for each cabinet is as follows:

  • One section wall mount cabinets: 1 carton,
  • Double section wall mount cabinets: 1 carton,
  • Open rack cabinet: 1 carton,
  • Free standing cabinets to a width x depth of 600 x 800: 3 cartons,
  • Free standing cabinets from a width x depth of 800 x 800: 4 cartons.

Is possible with a specific, full customer specification and fulfillment of the necessary condition of the order - MOQ, which is a minimum of 300 pcs. All details about availability, prices, costs etc. can be obtained by using the contact form available HERE.

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