Lanberg is, in particular, an experienced and responsible producer of professional solutions from the networking segment.

An international brand - Lanberg, focuses, with keen attention to details, on quality and flexibility, while creating new product solutions. Goods that are introduced to the market are always an answer for a real demand, from the professional solutions segment.


The gradual evolution of the Lanberg brand is based on continuous improvement of quality, consistent implementation of development projects that allow creating products, which are tailored to the requirements and expectations of the market.

Moreover, continuous growth and numerous sales successes have resulted in the dynamic development of the brand. In 2017, Impakt S.A. signed a license agreement and acquired the rights to the Lanberg brand. On top of that, the company established a branch in Shenzhen (China), which is responsible, among other things, for the control of the production process and the development of new product lines.

Currently, Impakt S.A. is the exclusive distributor of the Lanberg brand worldwide. Sales are taking place directly from warehouses located in China, or from a European warehouse located in the Poland.


Presently, our offer creates a comprehensive solution for users from the professional segment, IT installers and server rooms designed for SMB. We are constantly expanding our range in the SOHO segment, enriching the offer with products such as: routers, network interface cards (NIC) and switches. In addition to a wide range of cabinets and server chassis, Lanberg provides solutions, such as structured cabling, including LAN and patch cables, as well as tools for building LAN network infrastructures. At last but not least, we are also specialized in the distribution of Power, USB, VGA, DVI, HDMI, Jack, SCART, DisplayPort, ATA, SATA cables and extenders, as well as various types of adapters.


Gained experience and branch in China allows us to constantly expand the product offer and implement new, proprietary solutions, as well as those dedicated to the needs of application solutions. We are open to consultations including: counselling, proper selection of equipment,implementation and lastly, delivery of goods meeting specific customer specifications. It makes us a good partner for all types of projects / tenders and custom-made solutions.

What can customers expect from Lanberg devices? High quality, safety, comprehensive services including consulting and selection of solutions, as well as after-sale technical assistance.

Lanberg brand products, time after time, have proved their worth in data centers, surveillance, alarm systems, as well as telecommunication, access networks and hundreds of various offices and corporate or private server rooms.