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Our products can be purchased from our partners or from an official and exclusive distributor in Poland. Detailed information can be found HERE.

As the Lanberg brand, we do not directly selling our product to retail or wholesale, including  preparation of offers.

All e-mail inquiries:

other than technical please forward to our partners or distributor in Poland.

Foreign customers are asked to contact us at: [email protected]

Yes. Each cabinet in the "Product Features" tab features the "Working Depth" feature, which informs about the distance between the front and rear rack rail, at their maximum spacing between them. In addition, for each cabinet in the description is given the largest available distance between the front rail and the rear door or cover. The manufacturer (despite the actual conditions) does not guarantee the possibility of installing equipment with a greater depth than the declared value. All values are expressed in millimeters.

Yes. Each of the new Lanberg wall mount cabinets has 4 wheel mounting holes.

All Lanberg cabinets are easy-to-assembling. Thanks to that, all its separated components are packed in a flat pack/s, which makes logistics and transport easier.

Depending on the cabinet type and size, the number of cartons for each cabinet is as follows:

  • One section wall mount cabinets: 1 carton,
  • Double section wall mount cabinets: 1 carton,
  • Open rack cabinet: 1 carton,
  • Free standing cabinets to a width x depth of 600 x 800: 3 cartons,
  • Free standing cabinets from a width x depth of 800 x 800: 4 cartons.

Yes. Firstly, you have to apply for access (for a specific domain or subdomain) by contacting Lanberg support team by using this contact form.

After granting the authorization key, please read the instructions for implementing the configurator located HERE.

Before you start the formal complaint procedure, it is worth checking in advance whether it is possible to obtain remote assistance in solving the problem by contacting us via the contact form, having read the problem notification procedure carefully beforehand.

If there is a definite defect in the product, which can not be repaired (after previous contact with Lanberg team support), it is possible to advertise it to the main distributor in Poland, which is responsible for the RMA procedures.

If the product was purchased from:

  • Subdistributor - AB, ABC Data, Action, Incom: Go to the RMA page of the Impakt S.A. tab, clicking HERE, and then fill in the appropriate marked fields as required. All details regarding filing complaints on the given page can be obtained directly from the Impakt distributor.
  • Wholesalers, installers, integrators, retail stores: Report relevant information to your dealer.

Lanberg routers are mainly dedicated to cooperation with Internet operators, while maintaining the simplicity, efficiency and flexibility of use for the end user. Constantly with our partners and not only we strive to develop software for routers, so that it meets the expectations of the largest group of its recipients. Every note, opinion, suggestion is important to us. Nevertheless, all proposals are checked in terms of wide demand and time and technical capabilities.

If you also have an idea, the desire to improve the software, extend the functionality, add new opportunities, you can send them via the contact form by typing in the topic "Suggestion for improving the software of Lanberg routers".

With each suggestion, we will try to read and try (if possible) to implement it into software, which our goal is to gradually develop.

By default, no changes are applied, that restrict access to this type of services. There may be a situation in which the appropriate requirement of the distributor for a given country may be implemented appropriate security or a dedicated password. In order to get access, please contact the Lanberg distributor in your country.


If you are unsure or have additional questions, please contact our Lanberg support team using this contact form.

Most Lanberg products have on the website of a given product in the "Files" tab, attached lines with attachments regarding certification and declarations. The most commonly available are:

  • Declaration of conformity (CE) - in a PDF file in Polish and English,,
  • Declaration of performance (DOP) - in a PDF file in Polish and English,
  • Certificate or statement on the fulfillment of specific VDE standards - in a PDF file in Polish and English.

Although we are constantly updating our data, there may be situations in which a given product will not have any of the mentioned documents and those that are issued for specific product groups (eg in relation to applicable regulations). This may be due to the reason that the product is not subject to any of the applicable directives or standards or we are in the process of obtaining and/or updating relevant data. There are also certificates and / or reports which, for reasons of procedures, are only available at the request of the applicant.

We encourage you to contact our Lanberg support team via the contact form, in order to obtain the final answer in documentation matters.

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