Product details - CA-C19E-10CC-0018-BK

Langberg’s IEC 320 C19 to IEC 320 C20 power extension cord is specifically designed to be plugged in PC's and laptop's power supplies, as well as, to ICT and RTV equipment. This particular product has been adapted to work with servers and with the equipment dedicated to be used inside of the server rooms, e.g. UPSs.

The cable is characterized by its high performance and reliability in during work. Due to its good quality, guaranteed by VDE standard, cable can be used by domestic users, as well as, professionals, who require greater security and product reliability.

Product specification:

- VDE compliant,
- 1st Plug type: IEC 320 C19,
- 2nd Plug type: IEC 320 C20,
- Thickness of the wire (vein): 0.75mm,
- Length: 1.8m.
Connectors C19, C20
Cable length 180 cm
Wire braid Plastic shield
Colour Black
Chipset No
Gross weight 303 g
Angle connector No
VDE certificate Yes
Certificate of conformity (CE) Download file