Product details - CA-SASL-10CU-0035-R

Lanberg’s SATA-SATA SLIMLINE power cable combo is a solution designed for all applications- both home and professional.

Use of SATA, Molex connectors as well as, SATA SLIMLINE plug make this internal cabling solution extremely versatile in variety of applications.
This particular internal cabling solution will find its use within home and office environments, as well as, for industrial applications, server rooms, datacenters or control and monitoring systems.

Due to the high quality of workmanship and the introduction of restrictive standards at the production stage, the cable can be used both by regular users, as well as, professional users who require good quality and safety of their internal desktop PC’s cabling.

Product specification:

- Connectors: Molex, SATA, SATA SLIMLINE,
- 1st connector type: Molex 2-pin, male (+ 5V),
- 2nd connector type: SATA 7-pin, female,
- 3rd connector type: SATA SLIMLINE 13-pin, female
- Cable total length 35 cm,
- Power cable’s length: 29 cm,
- Color: red.
Connectors Molex, SATA (7-pin)
Cable length 35 cm
Colour Red
Wire braid Plastic shield
Chipset No
Amount of PINs 13, 2, 7
Angle connector No
Gross weight 18 g
Certificate of conformity (CE) Download file