Product details - CA-VGAC-10CC-0018-B

Lanberg’s VGA 1.8m cable with double shielding and ferrite core is a premium grade wire ideally suited for all kinds of connections between multimedia devices using VGA analogue connectors. The product main use is for connections between PCs / laptops and monitors, TVs and projectors.

Due to the use of the ferrite core, the signal transmitted via the cable is kept in a larger percentage according to the original signal at the input. The shielding used in the cable additionally strengthens the level of insulation, thanks to which the signal is not significantly degraded and can be sent over longer distances.

As a result of many restrictions, requirements and the emphasis focused on multi-stage manufacturing and quality control of cable production, Lanberg’s VGA cables can be characterized by their high quality and are a great solution for audiovisual transmission between multimedia devices with sufficient image and sound quality.

Lanberg’s VGA cabling will find its use both in home environment, where users can comfortably watch their favorite TV series and movies, play online games or work on their important projects, with guarantee of reliable, good quality video signal and uninterrupted, smooth operation.


- Connectors: VGA, male,
- Core material: CCS,
- Ferrite core,
- Insulation jacket material: LD-PE,
- Cable construction: 3 + 2, earthing conductor, shielding foil layers, PVC,
- Diameter of the length of the PVC jacket: 6.5mm,
- Number of pins: 15,
- Ferrite: 2x,
- Length: 1.8m,
- Color: Black.
Connectors VGA
Cable length 180 cm
Amount of PINs 15
Colour Black
Wire braid Plastic shield
Chipset No
Assembly of the connector Nickel
Shielding type Double shielding
Gross weight 194 g
Angle connector No
Certificate of conformity (CE) Download file