Product details - LCF6-11B2-0500-O

Data transmission cable, halogen-free with increased fire safety requirements. Suitable for work in frequency band up to 500 MHz .

Telecommunication parameters:
• Category: 6a
• Screened: F/FTP (aluminium backed polyester tape, tinned copper drain wire + aluminium backed polyester tape on every pair)
• Core made of:
Type: wire
Material: copper
• Outer sheath: special LSOH compound
• Conductor diameter:
AWG 23.
• Diameter of insulated core: 1,3±0,05mm
• Outer diameter of the cable: 8,0 mm
• Operation up to 500 MHz
• Reaction to fire: B2ca-s1a, d1, a1

Technical parameters:
• Thermal range:
operating temperature: -30°C do +70°C
installation temperature: -10°C do +50°C
• Bending radius:
during operation: 6xO
during installation: 8xO
• DC loop resistance at 20°C (max): 145?/km
• Insulation resistance (min): 2G?xkm
• Resistance unbalance within a pair: ?2%
• Mutual capacitance at 1kHz: 45±5nF/km
• Capacitance unbalance pair to ground at 1kHz (max): 1600pF/km
• Nominal voltage: 150V
• Test voltage at 1min:
AC 50Hz: 700V
DC: 1000V
• Characteristic impedance at 100MHz: 100±5?
• NVP value: 77%
• Return loss dB (min):
f = 4÷10MHz: 20+5xlog (f)10
f = 10÷20MHz: 25
f = 20÷500MHz: 25-7xlog (f/20)10
• Coupling attenuation within the range of 30÷100MHz (min.): 55dB
• Transfer impedance at 10MHz (max): 50m?/m

• Package: spool
• Lenght: 500m
• Colour: orange RAL 2003 (Other colours possible on client request)
• Printed length counter at every meter of cable
Colour Orange
Material Copper (CU)
External lagging 8 mm
Maximum operating frequency 500 MHz
HDPE isolation 1.3 mm
ICT category Cat. 6A
Shielding type F/FTP
Cable type Solid
AWG 23
Specialized Indoor
Cable length 500 m
Reaction to fire category (Euroclass) B2ca