Product details - LCU5-10CC-0305-R

Product specification:

- LAN cable
- Data transmission rate: 100Mb/s
- Shielding: U/UTP (without shielding)
- Length 305m.
- The wires are made of copper conductor cable (CCA).
- AWG 24 (4*2*0.5mm).
- Conductor stranding: single wire.
- Color: red RAL3017.
- Printed length counter at every meter of cable.
- External PVC insulation: 5.0mm.
- HDPE conductor insulation: 0.93mm.
- Operation up to 100Mhz.
- Package: cardboard box.
- Packaging dimensions (W x D x H): 36x23x36 cm.

Electrical characteristics (20 degrees):

- Conductor resistance (max.): 60 - 90Om / 305m.
- Insulation resistance (min.): 5000mOm km.
- Pair-to-Ground capacitance: < 330PF / 100m.
- Characteristic impedance: < 100Om (+/- 15).
- Transport and storage temperature: 0 - 60 degrees.
- Operating temperature: -20 - 70 degrees.
- Working distance: 100-120m.

PURPOSE: Cable only for division into shorter sections (up to 10m). Only for installation without fluke certification requirement (EN 50173).
Wire braid Plastic shield
Colour Red
Material Copper plated (CCA)
Maximum operating frequency 100 MHz
HDPE isolation 0.93 mm
Shielding type U/UTP
Cable type Solid
AWG 24
Cable length 305 m
PVC jacket 5 mm
Specialized Indoor
Reaction to fire category (Euroclass) Fca
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