Product details - LCU6-11B2-0500-O

Data transmission cable, halogen-free with increased fire safety requirements. Suitable for work in frequency band up to 500 MHz .

Telecommunication parameters:
• Category: 6a
• Screened: U/FTP (pairs individually screened with aluminium backed polyester tape)
• Core made of:
type: wire
material: copper
• Outer sheath: special LSOH compound
• Conductor diameter:
AWG 23.
• Diameter of insulated core: 1,3±0,05mm
• Outer diameter of the cable: 7,5mm
• Operation up to 500 MHz
• Reaction to fire: B2ca-s1a, d1, a1

Technical parameters:
• Thermal range:
operating temperature: -30°C do +70°C
installation temperature: -10°C do +50°C
• Bending radius:
during operation: 6xO
during installation: 8xO
• DC loop resistance at 20°C (max): 145?/km
• Insulation resistance (min): 2G?xkm
• Resistance unbalance within a pair: ?2%
• Mutual capacitance at 1kHz: 45±5nF/km
• Capacitance unbalance pair to ground at 1kHz (max): 1600pF/km
• Nominal voltage: 150V
• Test voltage at 1min:
AC 50Hz: 700V
DC: 1000V
• Characteristic impedance at 100MHz: 100±5?
• NVP value: 77%
• Return loss dB (min):
f = 4÷10MHz: 20+5xlog (f)10
f = 10÷20MHz: 25
f = 20÷350MHz: 7xlog (f/20)10
• Coupling attenuation within the range of 30÷100MHz (min.): 70dB
• Transfer impedance at 10 MHz (max): 100m?/m

• Package: spool
• Lenght: 500m
• Colour: orange RAL 2003 (Other colours possible on client request)
• Printed length counter at every meter of cable
Colour Orange
Material Copper (CU)
External lagging 7.5 mm
Maximum operating frequency 500 MHz
HDPE isolation 1.3 mm
ICT category Cat. 6A
Shielding type U/FTP
Cable type Solid
AWG 23
Specialized Indoor
Cable length 500 m
Reaction to fire category (Euroclass) B2ca