Product details -NT-0501

Lanberg’s cable tester with identifier of cable pairs NT-0501 is a multifunctional device for scanning and testing cables of ICT networks.
The device is an indispensable tool for every installer and significantly helps to save time in verifying network wire pairs. Product’s main application is to measure the continuity of LAN cabling and verification of connections along with the detection of possible problems with cabling, such as short-circuits or incorrect pairings of wire.

The device is an indispensable tool for every installer. It helps significantly save time in searching and verifying pairs wire networks and electric wires. The device locates, verifies the connection and detects any problems such as short circuits or incorrect cable pair connections. With the use of this particular Laberg’s device users can detect wires in most types of support terminals, such as switches, routers, PC, patch panels, surface-mount boxes, wall sockets. The main purpose of this tool is to:

- Find the location of sought wires.
- Identify and verify wires and their overall condition.
- Test cable measurements and their continuity.
- Locate and verify any occurring short-circuits.

The tool can be used in Telecoms, Internet cafes, engineering companies, Internet and electric networks or server rooms, located both in small or big companies or corporations. Lanberg’s cable tester also works well in low-voltage installations, such as cable TV networks, fire-alarm, access control, or CCTV and IP monitoring systems. Additionally, product enables its users to perform the following tasks:

- Open circuits or short circuits test.
- DC level test.
- Wires location and comparison test.
- Automatic and quick scan.
- Earphone feature.
- Volume adjustment.
- Flashlight feature.

Along with this particular tester (transmitter and receiver) the following accessories are included: Telephone RJ-11 cable, ethernet RJ-45 cable, cable with crocodile clamp, earphones.

- Power supply: 9V battery - not icluded.
- Compatible with CE standards.
- Max. operating current of the emitter: < 10mA.
- Max. operating current of receiver: < 30mA.
- Signal transmission format: Multi-frequency impulse.
- Signal output electric status: 8Vp-p.
- Max. distance of signal transmission: > 250m.
- Emitter dimension: 126mm x 49mm x 34mm.
- Emitter net weight: 60g.
- Receiver dimension: 175mm x 42mm x 27mm.
- Receiver net weight: 72g.
Power supply Battery 9V
Work signal LED
Weight 72g
Colour Black, Red
Type Network tool
Certificate of conformity (CE) Download file
Certificate of conformity (CE) Download file