Product details -OR01-830454-204-BK

Lanberg’ Battery Frame is an indispensable, modular element of complex emergency power systems. The product itself is dedicated to the installation of multiple batteries, while its rugged construction is designed to be flexible and allow users the freedom of access.
Individual components of the battery frame are made of steel with the following thicknesses:

- Supporting elements: 2.0 mm,
- Metal angles: 2.5 mm,

The battery frame is characterized by high mechanical resistance, easy access and structural strength. The surfaces were finished by degreasing, etching and phosphating them, thus increasing the protection against rust. The application of electrostatic powder paint ensures adequate durability of the coating. The modular battery frame for self-assembly is packed in a single flat pack, which facilitate transport, as well as quick and easy assembly at the chosen installation site.

For example, a given amount of VRLA Armac batteries can be fitted on the Battery Frame:

- 96 B/12V/7AH and B/12V/9AH batteries [24 per level].
- 80 B/12V/18AH batteries [20 per level]
- 32 B/12V/40AH batteries [8 per level].
- 16 BL/12V/120AH batteries [4 per level]

Product specification:

- Total length: 454 mm,
- Total width: 830 mm,
- Width between metal angles: 190 mm,
- Distance between supporting elements: 30 & 50 mm,
- Angle length (one side): 30 mm,
- Total height: 1000 mm,
- 1st level height: 270 mm,
- Leg height (from the bottom up to the 1st supporting element): 50 mm,
- Rows: 2,
- Frame levels: 4,
- Number of metal angles: 16,
- Color: RAL 9004,
- Included accessories: M6*40 screws x32, nuts x32, supporting element caps x8.
Length 454mm
Width 830mm
Height 1000mm
Colour Black
Weight 28.71kg
RAL color RAL9004
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