Product details - PLS-6000

Network plug RJ45 Lanberg cat.6 FTP

Set of 100 pcs of shielded RJ-45 [8P8C] Cat.6 network plugs, intended mainly for FTP LAN cables.

Additionally, in the set, each plug has a guide/gib that facilitates the correct positioning of the cable before terminating it.

Due to the use of triple teeth (3 prongs), Lanberg connectors fit both types of Ethernet cables - solid and stranded.
The solid consists of one piece of metal wire (used for long-distance, structural installations).
The stranded consists of a bundle of thinner wires (such as patch cords, short-distance application).


- Guide diameter (for conductor with HDPE): 1.05 +- 0.05 mm.

Connectors RJ-45
Colour Transparent
Material Plastic
Included Accessories RJ-45 plug (100 pieces)
ICT category Cat. 6
Shielding type F/UTP
Certificate of conformity (CE) Download file