Product details - RSGE-16


The switch is an essential active networking device in any Ethernet infrastructure structure using transmission through structural cabling. RSGE-16 is dedicated to all installations: home, business, low-voltage, surveillance, IP, VoIP, cable TV networks.

Its proper housing and included mounting ears allow for installation in server cabinets. The available features allow for versatile use in any configuration, bus topology, and microchip used to ensure Gigabit Ethernet speed.

All this makes the switch dedicated for use in demanding and wide area networks.


By default, the standard switches ensure that the devices can operate at distances of up to 100 m on a single Ethernet cable. However, sometimes, it turns out that a unique solution beyond the standard is required when developing cabling and network structure due to the extensive core network and complex environment. In the case of surveillance systems, this is quite a common problem, resulting from the too-long distance between the distribution device and the end-device.

Lanberg switches have a feature that enables data transmission (max. 10 Mbps) to 250 m on a single cable section. Just toggle the switch position to „Extend 250 m” on the housing to ensure the long-distance operation.

The solution has been introduced for surveillance, IP, and access control systems, especially if the power equipment is located outside without the possibility of installing additional network distribution points.


VLAN is a function with a wide range of possibilities, from isolating or combining several logical networks within another, larger physical network to separating ports among themselves. This feature is mainly used in configurable switches is rarely found in budget models and even more so in unmanageable solutions.

Lanberg switches have a feature to isolate all standard ports between them (1 ~ 14) while allowing every each of them to transmit only with Uplink ports (15 ~ 16). Just toggle the switch position to „VLAN” on the housing to ensure port separation.

The manufacturer introduced the solution to ensure effective protection of devices in surveillance, alarm, and access control systems, particularly in places where security is always the top priority.


The switch itself, as well as the devices connected to it, are repeatedly exposed to various dangers, including electrostatic discharges that can flow through both the power and network cables.

With the safety of both the devices and their users in mind, Lanberg has equipped the switch with an integrated discharge protection system that guarantees 2 kV protection for all ports, effectively reducing their damage due to a surge in voltage.

Under standard conditions, the network operation will continue without interruptions, just like the switch. At the same time, the user gains the safety of the device and infrastructure.


The series of RS switches is characterized not only by the quality of manufacturing, simplicity of use, the functionality of the device but also by complementarity in installation and supplied accessories.

Most of the small switches available on the market are supplied for desktop installation or implementation within 19" Rack cabinets. Some manufacturers forget about users wishing to incorporate their products into smaller home or SOHO networks. This is crucial, especially when the switches have a small number of ports and compact housing. As a result, the Lanberg switches can be mounted not only in 19" Rack cabinets but also in smaller ones, such as 10”.

Lanberg added a set of accessories for flexible installation of the switches. The RSGE-16 has been provided with separate mounting ears for 10" and 19" Rack cabinets, as well as a healthy supply of screws (except for M6). This enables a wider range of applications and greater freedom of installation of the RS series switches.

Length 200 mm
Width 118 mm
Height 44 mm
Power 9.6 W
Environment temperature -20 - 70 °C
Environment humidity 5 - 95 %
Software No
Material Metal
Work signal LED
Type of casing Rack
Size 19", 10"
Wired standards IEEE 802.3x (Flow-Control), IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX, IEEE 802.3i 10Base-T, IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T, Gigabit Ethernet
Bandwith 32 Gbps
Buffer 4.1 Mbit
Management Unmanaged
Cooling Passive, Vents
ICT Height 1 U
Weight 0.84 kg
Required amount of screws 4
Specialized Rack, Industrial
Weatherproof rating IP20
MAC address table 8K
Maxiumum network link speed 1 Gbps
Network Link Type Ethernet
Number of Ethernet ports 16
Ports specification 16x 100BASE-TX, 16x 1000BASE-T
Power consumption 9.6 W
Power Requirements 100~240V AC
PoE support No
QIG PL Download file
Certificate of conformity (CE) Download file