Product details - WF02-6609-10B

Lanberg’s wall mount, double section cabinet WF02-6609-10B is a solution designed to expand networks, installation of cabling and flexible equipment montage with a size of 19" and max. 60kgs loading capacity. It can be used in networks, server rooms, small, medium businesses. On top of that, this particular cabinet can also work in low voltage systems such as cable TV networks, alarm systems, fire protection and access control systems, CCTV and IP surveillance.

Product construction is made of high grade cold rolled steel which is characterized by an excellent design and high quality of craftsmanship. Having additional section, you can easily lead cabling from the rear, perform maintenance of equipment fitted inside or upgrade its functionality by installing new devices. Additionally, cabinet is equipped with a front tempered glass door with lock and possibility of installing those doors on right or left-hand side.

The equipment also allows installation of the rear section (supplied with the lock) on both sides of the cabinet. This server product has removable side panels (including locks). You can put the wiring through entry cable panels, located on top and bottom (with blank entry panels).

Cabinet is designed for self-assembly, packaged in a form of convenient flat pack. Lastly packaging includes additional accessories for rails mounts, M6 cage nuts and blank entry panels.

- Manufacturer: Lanberg,
- Manufacturer code: WF02-6609-10B,
- Cabinet type: Wall mount,
- Body color: Black RAL9004,
- Height: 9U,
- Cabinet dimensions (W x D x H): 600x600x507.3 mm,
- Height (top panel - bottom panel): 500 mm,
- Height (top panel - ground including screws): 507.3 mm,
- Packaging dimensions (W x D x H): 51.5x61x33 cm,
- Spacing between rack rails: 450 mm,
- Spacing between holes in rack rails: 475 mm,
- Internal spacing between rack rails: 500 mm,
- Loading capacity: max. 60 KG,
- Degree of protection: IP20,
- Doors type: Tempered glass,
- Standard: ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41494; PART1 & PART7, ETSI,
- Material: High grade cold rolled steel, powder coated,
- Available fan: Yes, 120mm, 110V or 220V,
- Glass thickness: 5.0 mm,
- Sheet thickness: vertical mounting rails - 1,50 mm; mounting profile - 1,50 mm; others - 1,20 mm; top & bottom & side panel - 1,00 mm,
- Cable entry panel: Top, Bottom,
- Packaging includes: Accessory bag, earth kit, front and rear door lock, two side panels with locks, 10 cage nuts M6.

Additional accessories:
- AK-1001-B – Lanberg's fixed shelf for wall mount cabinets
- AK-1004-B – Lanberg's front and rear fixed shelf for wall-mount and free-standing cabinets
- AK-1008-B – Lanberg's support board for wall-mount and free-standing cabinets
- AK-1101-B – Lanberg's brush panel 1U
- AK-1102-B – Lanberg's brush panel for cable entry panel
- AK-1201-B – Lanberg's cable management type A
- AK-1202-B – Lanberg's cable management type B
- AK-1302-S – Lanberg's 50 cage nuts M6
- AK-1401-B – Lanberg's blank panel 1U
- AK-1402-B – Lanberg's blank panel 2U
- AK-1501-B – Lanberg's 230V fan for wall-mount cabinets
Width 600 mm
Height 507.3 mm
Colour Black
Standard IEC297-2:1982, ETSI, DIN 41494/PART 7, DIN 41491/PART 1, ANSI/EIA RS-310-D
Size 19"
Type of cabinet Wall mount
ICT Height 9 U
Depth 600 mm
Maximum static load 60 kg
Front door thickness 5 mm
Upper & lower panel thickness 1 mm
Front door types Temper glass
Included Accessories M6 screws, Side locks, Rear lock, Front lock
Weight 24 kg
Working depth 440 mm
Slot amount for fans 2
Side panel thickness 1 mm
Mounting rails thickness 1.5 mm
Other elements sheet thickness 1.2 mm
Weatherproof rating IP20
Number of sections Two-section
Assembly type Self-assembly
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Certificate of conformity (CE) Download file